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Early Summer Evening Walk

6 June 2019 – 9 Miles

Looking west towards Ranmore

The longer days
Stretch miles
Legs grow tired
In the best way 

Abinger Roughs looking east

The longer evenings of early summer make walks after work a must. Dinner can wait, the setting sun cannot. No two moments are the same. I rush, chasing the lengthening shadows, fingers reaching across the valley. Trying to soak up every lingering ray, I wish to be everywhere, see everything at once.

North Downs Way looking south

The sun swings northwest creating a stark contrast between light and dark. This time of day seems to me the brightest, the sun and shadow highlighting the rich texture of the Surrey Hills. As Frost says, I too “dream upon the opposing lights of the hour.”

Surrey Hills sculpture along the Pilgrims Way Trackway

How quickly the landscape changes. I dare not look at my feet, looking for roots and rocks for fear I may miss a sight I will never see again. The brilliance of an afternoon is lovely, but I’ll take sunrises and sunsets over a daytime stroll.

Flies dance in the in the sun, Abinger Roughs

See you in the hills!

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